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Founded in 1996 as a constructor focused on road maintenance, PAVISERVICE initially performed works of micro-coat, slurry asphalt emultsion surface treatment and small earthmoving works for third parties. The company had as main clients the DERBA  (Department of Transport Infrastructure) and DERSE (Provincial Road Infrastructure of Sergipe). Posteriorly  the PAVISERVICE made investments in personnel and heavy equipments, executing in 1997, its first road restoration work.

The constant investments in the professional staff and in modern equipment has become a brand within the company, allowing its quick ascent to perform new works during the years 1998 to 2000. In 2001 the company won a bidding and makes his first contract with the DNIT (National Department of Transport Infrastructure), which consisted in the restoration of 293 km in the BR-020/BA starting new cycle of growth, which resulted in new contracts with the same client (Restoration in the BR-262/MS of 130 km) and the expansion of its activities towards the central-western of Brazil.

More contracts were won in the states of Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Bahia and Sergipe, making PAVISERVICE a prominent company in the road works of these States. In 2002, the company began implementation of road works in the State of Bahia and signed several contracts for urban infrastructure with several city halls.

Growing up in several states and supported by increased investment in personnel and equipments, in 2006 the firm makes the acquisition of their asphalt plants, extending the range of activities within the pavement, thus enabling the achievement of larger works. In the year of 2008 it was  acquired a crushing industrial park, and new equipments. This fact enabled the company to participate in bidding processes of large works, especially placing it among the leading companies in the Northeast and Midwest regions of Brazil.

In 2009 there was a large investment in the acquisition of SAP (Systeme, Anwendungen und Produkte), one of the best ERP systems in the world, used by major companies in different segments. This investment had as its main goal to provide our customers and suppliers a high standard of quality, reliability and transparency of information, giving us greater flexibility and better improving operational performance.

We also invested in new equipments, machineries and vehicles in the fiscal year of 2010, thus ensuring a standard of quality and efficiency in the execution of the contracted services, which is already a hallmark of the services provided by PAVISERVICE.


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Rua Ilhéus, 143 Rio Vermelho Salvador Bahia Brasil CEP 41940-570
Telefone 71 3525-9449


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Avenida Universitária s/n CIA 2 Simões Filho Bahia Brasil
Telefone 71 3292-8256

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