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Basing on the belief that the availability of infrastructure is fundamental to the growth of our country since its founding in 1996, PAVISERVICE has sought to contribute to the socio-economic development of the states where it operates, providing services in the areas of construction, maintenance and restoration of roads, construction of urban infrastructure and industrial, airport and railway works.
The PAVISERVICE keeps the trust relationship and partnership with its various customers, creating the certainty that any agreement will be fulfilled satisfactorily and efficiently.
We provide various specific services such as:

- Excavation of soils
- Landfill Compacting
- Demolition of Rocks
- Crushing
- Execution of Sub-base and Base
- Milling
- Pavement Recycling
- Hot mix asphalt
- Pre-Mixed Cold
- Slurry Asphalt Emulsion
- Micro Coating
- Surface Treatments
- Works Special Art
- Road Signs
- Drainage
- Cape Seal

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Rua Ilhéus, 143 Rio Vermelho Salvador Bahia Brasil CEP 41940-570
Telefone 71 3525-9449

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